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Welp I done did it now

1. Are you single?
Haaaaa yeaaa

2. If you're single, do you enjoy it?
Kinda, it has its ups and downs 

3. Is there someone in mind you'd like to date?
Hot damn yessss

4. Would you ever ask this person out?
shooooo maybe

5. If not/so, why?
needa work up some balls first tho

6. What's the furthest you've ever gone with someone?

7. What are you like with your lover?
hella funny and i laugh tooo much tbh

8. Tongue kisses?
im down if ur down homie

9. What's your perfect date?
idk i like beaches, totes would love to go to a beach

10. Would you like to plan the date? Or him/her.
It depends tbh 

10.5. Would you pick up the check? Or him/her.
id just split it, but if he wanna pay then go ahead i aint gonna stop ya.

11. Do you want someone to ask you out right now?

12. Wild night in? Or romantic night out?
hmmm night in cause movies

13. Have you ever written a love poem about the person you like/given it?
lol no

14. Describe your ideal mate.
funny, cute, smart, loyal, nice, honest, NOT boring.

15. What would you call your lover/refer to them as?
babe or bby

16. What is the maximum age difference you'd have between you and them? 
3-4 years 

17. Are you a romantic person?
lol idek 

18. What are you planning for this Valentines Day?
waiting till the next day cause thats my bday :>

19. Confessing to anyone this V-Day?
nah sucka

20. How many people do you currently like right now?
like 2

21. How many people like you?
i can name a few

22. What is the most romantic thing a person could do for you?
literally just bring me out to my fave place to eat and hold my hand like im so simple.

23. What are little things you love them to do and you take to heart?
like just hold my hand and cuddle and food is nice too 

24. Boys or girls?

25. Do you think the person/people you like are reading this?
nah they dont got no dA


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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I'm Sabrina and I like collecting art of my characters & stuff yeee, You can link me your commission info and I'll most likely order one because I like commissions whoops.

MeiMei & Nurse KillJoy are my babbies
xemilasta Pixel Page Doll Commission by Mushroom-Hime :thumb470602219:PC: SaltyDoge 1/2 by SquidSocksPC: SaltyDoge 2/2 by SquidSocks C: xemliastar by Liliire CM1 SaltyDoge by PixelPam CM2 SaltyDoge by PixelPam Pixel Freebie for SaltyDoge by Mushroom-Hime .:C:. Nurse Killjoy by RiaSenpaiFreeb by Cuddles-sama
.:PC:. Music of life by QueenOfHearts67

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Thank you so much for the watch!
It really means the world to me!! <33
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No problem bb you have the cutest art <3
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SaltyDoge Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Youre edits are nice keep up the good work uwu
AbalamAnderson Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much :d hehe
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I love your icon! ;w;
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